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A Worldwide, Research-Centered Business

For nearly 50 years, Fine Science Tools has been a leading distributor of surgical products  and precision microsurgical instruments for scientific and biomedical research, with offices in Vancouver (Canada), Foster City (USA) and Heidelberg (Germany). Fine Science Tools is a family-owned company with customers and dealers worldwide. 
The wide range of products includes spring scissors with in-house hand finishing.
Fine scissors, tweezers, bone instruments, scalpels, forceps, wound closure materials and many accessories are part of the catalog, which is revised and published every year.

A Family-Owned Tradition of Excellence

At Fine Science Tools (FST), excellence is not a tradition; it's a commitment we extend to our valued customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

FST offers its customers a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee on every product purchased from us.

Outstanding Customer Support
Our selection of instruments is based on careful study and knowledge of our customers’ needs, as well as listening to their requests. We use this feedback to constantly adapt our products to the laboratories, research facilities, and learning institutions that rely on them.

Impeccable Product Quality
Almost every instrument we sell is manufactured by skilled European craftsmen, and designed to exacting specifications. They’re forged from the strongest, lightest materials available, including the finest German stainless-steel alloys. 

Individual Manual Product Testing
We’re dedicated to quality control, with highly skilled technicians in our German repair and QC department inspecting each and every instrument.

Empowering Future Innovators
For students and young professionals, offers an exclusive student line in a separate price segment, supporting the academic and research pursuits of the next generation.

Management Team 

Our executives guide company operations and ensure our customers’ success and satisfaction — now and for years to come.
    Christina Callanta

Markus Gawenda


Christina Callanta
Chief of Operations


From our humble beginnings over 49 years, we’ve grown to become a leader in the scientific and research communities.