Security and Privacy

Data Privacy Statement Fine Science Tools GmbH

By visiting the website Fine Science Tools GmbH (hereinafter: Fine Science Tools) undertakes to adhere to the following data privacy statement.
By agreeing with the data privacy statement you express your consent to the saving and processing of your data in the scope of the below regulations.

Mr. Reiner Gosdzik from the data protection and data security consultancy has been appointed as external Data Protection Officer.
Telephone:       +49 (0) 6340 / 918724

1. Information and Data Security

Fine Science Tools has implemented a programme for information and data security, which includes administrative, technical and physical arrangements designed to collect and appropriately protect personal information.

2. Types of gathered information and data

Fine Science Tools collects “personal information”.
Personal information is information that can be used to identify you, locate you or contact you. This also includes other information about you, which we will connect with your personal information. Fine Science Tools collects the following types of personal information:

  • Contact information, which makes it possible for us to identify you and communicate with you, such as e.g. your name, your institution/department, your function, your telephone number, your fax number, your user name, your customer number, your homepage, your post address, your e-mail address and your preferred language.

  • Information on our relationship with you, which helps us to understand who you are and what you are interested in, in order to offer products and services that are relevant for you. This includes, for example, the IP-address, your general location, the web browser you use, date and duration of the visited Fine Science Tools internet site, search requests, the frequency of the visited site, current and earlier orders, conditions, payment methods and delivery addresses.

3. ​How Fine Science Tools collects information and data

  • The “contact information” is collected as customer data by Fine Science Tools directly upon log-in or additionally during later visits. In addition, data is also collected from orders carried out by other channels (e.g. by telephone or fax). 

  • Information relating to “our relationship to you” is also collected by means of data service providing companies such as e.g. Google or similar service providers. 

4. What Fine Science Tools uses information and data for (“purposes”)

Fine Science Tools uses personal information for various purposes, including:

  • Customer service: in order to fulfil orders of products or services and for other services in combination with your order such as product delivery and guarantees;

  • Customer support: in order to ensure diagnosis and repairs, product safety and the recalling of products;

  • Marketing: in order to send you messages and offers about products and services of Fine Science Tools, including offers corresponding to your interests, your personal and commercial special characteristics and your location; 

  • Surveys and advertising campaigns: in order to carry out surveys, polls, competitions, contests, loyalty programmes and other advertising campaigns;

  • Suitability: in order to determine whether you come into consideration for particular products, services or offers;

  • Messages: to provide you with information that could be of interest for you, such as e.g. news from Fine Science Tools, catalogues, announcements and reminders; 

  • Organisation: to support payment handling and account management, product development, product safety, contract administration, website administration, management of web forums, order fulfilment or contractual performance, analyses, fraud prevention, company management, producing of reports and fulfilling of the legal regulations. 

5. Disappearance of the purpose of information processing and storing

If the purpose of the data collection ceases to exist, then the data saved by us will be deleted in its entirety.

6. Conveying of information and data to other countries

  • Payment and transaction information: for the handling of product purchases we make use of the services of third-party service providers in relation to payment handling. When you purchase our products, your payment and transaction data, such as e.g. credit card numbers, effective dates of the credit cards, invoice address, activation codes, will be exclusively collected and stored by these payment service providers according to their own data protection regulations. 

  • Newsletter: to send newsletters we use the service-provider Mailchimp, an e-mail marketing platform of the U.S. company Rocket Science Group LLC, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave, NE #5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA. (hereinafter: “Mailchimp”). Mailchimp saves the above-named data itself and uses it exclusively to produce and send newsletters according to our wishes. For the rest, their own data protection regulations apply. They can be called here.

Mailchimp is a certified participant in the “Privacy Shield” in the framework of the “EU-US Privacy Shield”. A “Data Processing Agreement” has been agreed with Mailchimp for data protection.

Fine Science Tools GmbH is a subsidiary company of Fine Science Tools, Inc., based in Vancouver, Canada, and affiliate of Fine Science Tools (USA) Inc., based in Foster City, USA. For the purposes described in this data privacy statement, personal information will also be called by and/or passed on to these companies in Canada and USA. If these companies access personal information, or if this information is conveyed to them, the stipulations of the applicable laws shall be adhered to. In addition, we ensure the protection and safety of this data at all locations of the companies at which personal information is processed and stored.

7. Cookies and similar data collection technology

When you visit our website, we automatically collect certain information by means of technologies such as cookies.
During the visit to our website we place cookies on your computer for example. Cookies are small text files that are sent from websites to your computer, or to other devices that are connected to the internet, in order to identify your browser clearly or to save information or settings in your browser. Cookies make it possible for us to recognise you if you visit the website again. They also help us to personalise your visits to our website and to recognise certain types of fraud.
Fine Science Tools maintains relationships with third-party companies, in order to carry out tracing and reporting functions for our web processing. These may place cookies on your computer. In doing so they collect no personal information and we pass on no personal data in this process.

8. Your options

You can limit the messages that you receive from Fine Science Tools. To do this, visit the Fine Science Tools website, in order to receive no marketing e-mails, and communicate your desired options to the e-mail address given below. In order to no longer receive any marketing e-mails you can also click on “unsubscribe” in the bottom part of any of our marketing e-mails.
Please note that we may have to contact you in order to send you important transaction information about your account, even if you do not want to receive any advertising material. Even if you unsubscribe from marketing e-mails, we will for example still send you a confirmation if you order products via our website.
You can manage cookie preferences and deactivate cookies or similarly used data acquisition technologies by making appropriate alterations to the settings of your browser or your interface. All browsers and interfaces are different. Use the help function in your browser or on your interface to find out more about cookie preferences and other available data privacy settings. Please note that if cookies are deactivated individual products cannot be displayed and functions of our website cannot be properly carried out.
Right to deletion:
You can at any time withdraw the consent you have granted for data processing. Information about you that we have previously saved will then be immediately deleted. To bring this about, please get in contact by e-mail or telephone +49 (0) 62 21 90 50 50 stating your name and e-mail address.

9. Changes to this data privacy statement

The content of this data privacy statement may be altered in order to fulfil new data privacy regulations. If we carry out changes to this data privacy declaration, you will be requested to once again agree with our data privacy declaration. If you do not agree to the change, this counts as a withdrawal of consent. The information we have saved will then be automatically deleted in its entirety.


10. Privacy of the data of minors

Our website does not act to save the data of minors below 16 years of age. If, as a parent or legal guardian, you believe that your child has set up a customer account with us, please contact or call +49 (0) 62 21 90 50 50 without delay. We will then carry out research into the matter and if necessary immediately delete information saved by us.


11. Data loss

If our measures for the privacy of your data are not sufficient, you will be immediately informed in the event of a data loss with insufficiently encoded data.

12. Contact

If you have further questions or suggestions regarding the above-named conditions you are welcome to contact us stating your name and your e-mail address:

Telephone:  +49 (0) 62 21 90 50 50